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About Dr. Miles R. Jones

Dr. Miles R. Jones is founder of the Institute for Accelerated Learning where he trains homeschoolers, parents, and teachers in the Jones Geniuses Accelerated Education curriculum he created. The unique accelerated program is the result of decades of research and practice in rapid learning. Dr. Jones served as Language Training Specialist for the U.S. Defense Language Institute; Professor of English at the Air Defense Academy in Sanaa, Yemen; Language Training Manager for Ford Motor Co. of Mexico; Reading and Research Consultant for World Book Encyclopedia; Accelerated Learning Specialist for Trajectoires Associees and Chief of Pedagogy for English at the Centre de Formation Apprentis in Paris, France. Dr. Jones taught in Dallas public schools for 6 years as a classroom teacher, served as Dean of Instruction at the Oak Cliff Charter Academy, and was Assistant Professor of Education at Texas A&M – Commerce.

Dr. Jones graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a doctorate in foreign language education specializing in accelerated learning. He has a Masters degree in bilingual education and a Bachelors in languages and linguistics from Antioch University. He is the author of numerous texts, tapes, films, and articles on rapid learning, language acquisition, memory training, literacy, speed-reading, mathematics and school reform.

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