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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trifecta of Hebrew Bible Study(sold out), Mathematics and Reading

Hebrew, Mathematics, Reading

Since before the turn of the century (yes, I am that old) I have been working diligently to make Yehovah’s promise from Sinai happen in the lives of inner-city at-risk students, and later thousands of home-schooled children as well. Now that program is being made available to Messianic adults (& teens). In Exodus 31:18 it says the Sinai Covenant is a teaching covenant, “I have given you tablets of stone… a law… that you may teach them,” and Yehovah provided us with a system of writing (the Hebrew Aleph Bet) to do just that. Yehovah specified the power of this mandate, “Behold I make a covenant… I will do marvels… with you!” (Exodus 34:10). It was a mandate to teach His Word and His Writing (the Aleph Bet, literacy and numeracy – for more info check out my book The Writing of God). He promised a blessing for those answering the Call from Sinai and following His Torah, that they be “filled… with the spirit of Yehovah, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge…” (Exodus 35:31). Daniel and his peers answered the Call from Sinai and received this exact same blessing, “Yehovah gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom.” (Daniel 1:17). For almost four millennia now this has been the great secret of the success of the Hebrews. You do not have to be a history buff to know that throughout the centuries Hebrews have risen to the top of every profession in every time and place where they were not oppressed. In modern times, Hebrews, although a small fraction of one percent of world population, have received more than 20% of all Nobel prizes awarded. In the United States where Jews are 1.7% of the population, 40% of Nobel prizes awarded to Americans were to Jewish-Americans. The good news is that the great secret of their success, the Call from Sinai, is for all believers who wish to walk in covenant with Him! Yehovah will hand the keys to the universe of knowledge to all his followers regardless of their race, rank, or riches! For the past thirty years Benai Emunah Institute for Accelerated Learning (reported in the media as Jones’ Geniuses) has focused on mastering the great secret to help children and parents to achieve phenomenal results in Hebrew (& other languages), mathematics, and reading – thanks to their marvelous God-given potential! Now you can answer the Call from Sinai and tap into the blessing of Yehovah! Remember, the Sinai Covenant is a teaching covenant – a call for teachers not only students. You who are older and wiser now, we need teachers for the next generation. Or do you believe our children will get a Godly education in today’s public schools and universities? “And every able and wise-hearted man in whose mind Yehovah had put wisdom and ability, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work…” Exodus 36:2. Remember the Call from Sinai was not only to build a traveling Tabernacle but it was primarily a teaching covenant. “And they came, both men and women, as many as were willing- hearted…” (Exodus 35:22) …and children, Daniel and his cohort were also learning the Word and the Writing of God and received the same blessing (compare Daniel 1:17 and Exodus 35:31 above). To them Yehovah even specified a Godly Yardstick by which to measure success. After all, if this blessing comes from Yehovah it will not be ordinary – it will be extra- ordinary!

When the Chaldean king came to examine the progress of Daniel and his cohort, the king to his astonishment discovered “in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the [wise men] that were in his realm” (Dan 31:11). This is the Godly Yardstick! I know, it sounds more like a rhetorical flourish, not intended to be taken seriously. I have a different perspective. If Yehovah said it, it as least merits investigation to see if it is true. After two years, ALL (as in 100% who started in the program first of the school year) of the students in my inner-city at-risk first grade class passed their Standardized Testing at the end of the school year. 75% were above the 50th percentile (above the average), and 25% were in the top ten percent of all students nationwide taking the test (see my new book The Coming Crisis for this wonderful story). Then came the Mensa contest! MENSA is the high IQ society. A half- dozen of my elementary students, (they were not specially selected – it was simply whoever showed up), appeared at a MENSA conference. We asked if there were any MENSAS with advanced degrees in the audience. There were three PhDs who graciously agreed to form the team for the MENSAS. The PhDs were given electronic calculators and they competed against my first graders (now in first semester of second grade) in a contest of calculating powers and roots. The children had to do the calculations mentally, no electronic calculators, no time even to use scratch paper. Both sides had to write down both the problem and the answer. The point went to the team that answered first and correctly. The inner- city children vanquished the MENSA PhDs by a score of 14 to 6! Are MENSA PhDs a reasonable equivalent of the most knowledgeable men in the kingdom? Did the children do ten times better? Here are the problems, answers and times for this contest. You be the judge!

It is amazing! But I have faith in you all – that you can perform as well as inner-city first graders! I have constantly been questioned on how they learned how to do this mental calculation and I reply, “Step by Step!” Now you have the opportunity to learn this and raise up the next generation out of the darkness that the public education system has become. No degree is required. As long as you are willing to master the same material asked of all students – you can teach it! It takes about three months, take longer if you need to (or go faster). Another 3-5 months if you want to take the second level and apply your skills to the mastery of Algebra (and some Geometry). Math Seven is the first level and Math Eight is the second. The program is a tri-fecta of Hebrew Bible Study, Mathematics (including rapid mental calculation and memory training), and Speed-Reading (entitled Classics Reading Lab which includes not only literature but also more memory training and study skills). These three programs are being offered at a special price to those who answer the Call from Sinai. Math Seven is $199.95 plus shipping, Hebrew Bible Study Level One is $130 plus shipping, and Classics Reading Lab is $130 plus shipping – all totaling almost $500. You may buy any one of these if you wish at However, if you are willing to commit the time and energy to discovering the great secret of Sinai – you need only pay $399 for all three programs! All three at Level Two would also be $399 (plus shipping) when you are ready for them. We prepare you for that great moment when you read the Torah and discuss it before your congregation and become a covenant keeper in this sacred ceremony before Yehovah and his followers. It is called a Bar Mitzvah for men, or Bat Mitzvah for women. It is a sacred ritual re-enactment of the moment when the young Yeshua was left behind at the Temple and found three days later conversing with the rabbis about the Torah (Luke 2:46).

This program is open to teens – and adults of any age.

May Yehovah bless you in becoming a covenant keeper!