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The Hebrew Gospels Study Course

The survival of The Hebrew Gospels and the entire Brit Hadashah (New Testament in Hebrew) is the most important biblical discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Hebrew Gospels are the most forbidden books in human history. If you doubt that, go and look on the shelves of the Vatican Library. There are massive collections
of magical grimoires, demonic volumes and the practice of witchcraft. If you want to see and hear about the original authentic Gospel, The Hebrew Gospels, here it is!

The Hebrew Gospels were declared by modern theologians to be a myth. A mistake was made by early historians and it just kept being elaborated rather than discredited. The fact is that all of the early church fathers spoke of The Hebrew Gospels and considered them authentic and authoritative. The Hebrew Gospels and Brit Hadashah
survived because the original Messianic Church survived. It was the Messianics who carefully preserved the Hebrew Manuscript Tradition. The Messianic Church, the original Jewish Christians, were declared ‘heretic’ in the fourth century when the new Greco-Roman Church of Constantine was created. Now all the competition was to be erased. During the fifth century the Church hunted Messianics to extinction and burned their books, and any others volumes in Hebrew. It has created what historians called the “thousand years of silence” of all Hebrew manuscripts. Not only did the Messianic Church survive but they preserved The Hebrew Gospels.

Dr. Miles Jones has recovered, so far, some 40 manuscripts of the Gospels and New Testament in Hebrew and has established the Benai Emunah Institute to find, analyze, translate and publish The Hebrew Gospels. This is the first documentary series ever filmed about their miraculous survival!

It is the greatest story never told! The story of the survival of both the Messianic Church and The Hebrew Gospels up until the present day. See the documents themselves and the differences between The Hebrew Gospels and the Greek Gospels. Those differences prove The Hebrew Gospels came from a first century early church source. They reveal the changes the Greeks made to support their new doctrines. The Hebrew Gospels are a shining restoration of the original word, the “authentic fountainhead of the Word” as they were called by Saint Jerome who translated The Hebrew Gospels into Greek and Latin. Join us in a voyage of discovery of the truth of the Word.