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Writing of God – Paperback Book

The writing of God presents the first physical proof of the truth of the biblical events of the Old Testament. The seminal event of the Old Testament was the revelation of the word and the writing of God (Exodus 32:16), given to Moses on Mount Sinai and written by the finger of God (Exodus 31:18). The location of the real Mount Sinai has long been debated. Scripture states itis in Midian in Arabia where researchers have found stunning archeological evidence of the events of the Exodus, including inscriptions from the base of Mount Sinai. These inscriptions refer to people and events from the Exodus account of the encounter with God on Mount Sinai. They reveal an incredible secret of the Bible. The Ten Commandments were written in the first alphabet of letters! The Sinai Covenant was an educational covenant calling the Israelites to read, write and diligently educate their children. The latest linguistic and archaeological science reveals the origin of the alphabet, the context of writing in the ancient world of 2nd millennium BC, and the importance of the Old Testament as a historically accurate source.

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