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Messianic Church Arising! Volume Two of Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece.

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This has been an incredible calling. Truly the greatest story never told, until now! When I began, I had no idea what I would uncover – new Hebrew Gospels, the secret suppressed history of the Messianic Church, the unparalleled historic achievements of the Messianic Movement – throughout two millennia – a Movement that is not supposed to exist! Stories of magnificent worldwide scope and full of heart-pounding excitement fill the pages! This account has been forbidden to you – a book in which the heretics and pirates are the good guys!

The Epistle of James (Ya’akov)

A Translation from the Hebrew

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trifecta

Hebrew, Mathematics, Reading

The program is a tri-fecta of Hebrew Bible Study, Mathematics (including rapid mental calculation and memory training), and Speed-Reading (entitled Classics Reading Lab which includes not only literature but also more memory training and study skills). These three programs are being offered at a special price to those who answer the Call from Sinai. Math Seven is $199.95 plus shipping, Hebrew Bible Study Level One is $130 plus shipping, and Classics Reading Lab is $130 plus shipping – all totaling almost $500. You may buy any one of these if you wish at However, if you are willing to commit the time and energy to discovering the great secret of Sinai – you need only pay $399 for all three programs! All three at Level Two would also be $399 (plus shipping) when you are ready for them. We prepare you for that great moment when you read the Torah and discuss it before your congregation and become a covenant keeper in this sacred ceremony before Yehovah and his followers. It is called a Bar Mitzvah for men, or Bat Mitzvah for women. It is a sacred ritual re-enactment of the moment when the young Yeshua was left behind at the Temple and found three days later conversing with the rabbis about the Torah (Luke 2:46).

The Coming Crisis: Answering the Call from Sinai in a Time of Chaos

Dr. Jones is releasing a new book The Coming Crisis – Answering the Call from Sinai in a time of Chaos. It is not only a prophetic voice of what is facing us in the near future, but also how we got into this crisis in the first place and how we can rectify our lives and the future of our nation. Dr. Jones traces the roots of the crisis as it has been brewing in our educational system and society for many decades. For those who want the truth and facts you will not get from the media – this is the time to heed the prophetic voice.
It may be the only time we have left!

Sons of Zion vol. one

Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece is the untold story of the survival of The Hebrew Gospels and the Messianic Church throughout the centuries. Volume One ends right after the Greco-Roman Church of Constantine is established which divorced itself from the Messianic Church and declared them “heretics” to be hunted to extinction.  For almost two millennia the pattern was set – kill all those who dare to disagree with Roman Church doctrine and burn all their Bibles!

The Writing of God

The Writing of God presents physical proof of the truth of the Bible. The lack of proof, outside of the Bible, of many events in Scripture, particularly in the Old Testament, has led many academics to dismiss the Bible as a not-very-useful historical document. The purpose of researching and writing this book was to take the latest archaeological and inscriptional evidence and see if it fits the testimony of Scripture.


If you’re interested in the history of Israel, the Exodus, or the real location of Mt. Sinai of the Bible, this book is a must.

– Wes S.

About The Author

Miles R. Jones

Dr. Jones graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a doctorate in foreign language education specializing in accelerated learning. He has a Masters degree in bilingual education and a Bachelors in languages and linguistics from Antioch University. He is the author of numerous texts, tapes, films, and articles on rapid learning, language acquisition, memory training, literacy, speed-reading, mathematics and school reform.

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